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Public offer

to make a charitable donation

1. Terms

1.1. This public offer regarding the provision of a charitable donation (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer") is an offer of the Charity Organization "CSA Gostomelsky Animal Shelter", legal entity identification code 44358249, located at the address: Ukraine, 08289, town Gostomel, str. Sviato-Pokrovska, building 213, (hereinafter referred to as the "Shelter"), in the person of the Executive Director of Vronska Maria Maksimivna, an unspecified circle of able-bodied individuals and legal entities under private law who voluntarily carry out charitable activities (hereinafter each such person is a "Benefactor") , to enter into an agreement regarding the provision of a charitable donation (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") on the terms described in this Offer with each Benefactor who applies.

1.2. This Offer is an offer to conclude a contract in accordance with Art. 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

1.3. This Offer comes into effect from the moment it is posted on the website of the Shelter on the Internet at the link: (hereinafter - the "Site"). This Offer is open-ended and may be changed or withdrawn by the Shelter at any time (prior to its acceptance by the Benefactor) by posting relevant information on the Site.

1.4. The shelter may enter into agreements regarding the provision of a charitable donation in a different order and/or under different conditions than provided for in this Offer. The benefactor can separately apply to the Asylum to conclude such an agreement.

2. Subject of the contract

2.1. In accordance with this Agreement, the Benefactor freely and irrevocably transfers as a voluntary charitable donation in the possession of the Organization, funds for provision of the statutory activities of the Shelter, and the Shelter accepts such a charitable donation and undertakes to use it for carrying out its own charitable activities in accordance with the Statute and legislation of Ukraine.

2.2. The Benefactor's transfer of funds under this Agreement is recognized as charitable donation in accordance with Art. 6 of the Law of Ukraine "On Charitable Activities and Charitable organization".

2.3. The benefactor independently determines the amount of the charitable donation. The benefactor has the right ask and get information about the nature and size of the required charity
assistance for specific purposes of the Shelter, as well as for charitable programs Foundation, in order to determine the directions of use of the charitable donation before it is given.

2.4. The conclusion and performance of this Agreement is not intended and does not provide for receipt profit to any of the parties.

3. Activities of the Shelter

3.1. Charitable Organization "Socialization and Adoption Center Gostomel shelter for
animals" (hereinafter referred to as the ORGANIZATION) is a charitable society created on the basis of voluntariness, humanity, openness, common interests and equal rights of its members,
designed to carry out measures to promote the protection, socialization and adoption of animals that is the satisfaction and protection of legitimate social, environmental, economic, professional,
educational interests of ORGANIZATION members.

3.2. The activity of the Shelter is not for profit.

3.3. The Statute of the Shelter, information about its work and reports on the results of its activities posted on the Site.

4. Making a donation and accepting the Offer

4.1. The benefactor independently determines the size of the charitable donation and makes it by way of donation (i) making a money transfer using the payment forms and means posted
on the Site, or (ii) transferring funds to the shelter's current account through banking institutions, or (iii) transferring cash to the Asylum. There are charitable donations indefinite, and the term of their use by the Shelter is not limited.

4.2. Charitable donations are provided in accordance with this Offer and Agreement Benefactors and used by the Shelter to conduct and provide charitable activities (implementation of directions, goals of charitable activities and charitable programs) of the Asylum in accordance with the Statute and legislation of Ukraine. Benefactor agrees with such purpose of his donation.

4.3. The benefactor also has the right to define the specific purpose of his donation within the framework goals and areas of activity and charitable programs of the Shelter by concluding with
The shelter of a separate agreement on the provision of a charitable donation, in accordance with clauses 1.4 and 2.3 of this Offer. If the Benefactor, when making the donation, determined its specific purpose without prior agreement with the Foundation, the Foundation has the right to return such a donation Benefactor or use for the needs of the Shelter.

4.4. Charitable donations made are used by the Shelter in their order income.

4.5. When making a donation, the Benefactor indicates the correct identification of the payer your contact information: first and last name, name of the legal entity, email address mail and/or phone number, other data that allow identification Benefactor.

4.6. Acceptance of the Offer is considered its complete and unconditional acceptance by execution the Benefactor acts on the transfer of the funds of the charitable donation in one of the ways, specified in point 4.1 above. The offer is considered accepted and the Agreement concluded with the dates of the transfer of funds to the shelter's current account or theirs booking at the shelter cash desk.

4.7. Within 2 hours after the funds are credited to the Fund's current account or their posting in the shelter's cash desk. The benefactor can contact the shelter regarding the issue of returning donation funds due to their erroneous transfer or other reasons. After the end of this period, the charitable donation is considered non-refundable and non-refundable by the Asylum, except when such a refund is made required by the legislation of Ukraine or otherwise stipulated by this Offer. If the donation was deposited into the Shelter's account without identification of the payer and the Shelter did not can identify the Benefactor of the donation, such a donation is not returned by the Shelter.

4.8. By accepting the Offer, the Benefactor confirms that he agrees with all the terms of the Offer,
is fully aware of and agrees with the subject and terms of the Agreement.

4.9. Expenses related to making charitable donations (transfer commissions funds, taxes, fees, etc.) is borne by the Benefactor, if such expenses are charged from Benefactor, and the Asylum, if such costs are charged to the Asylum. Benefactor realizes and agrees that part of his charitable donation may be used by the Shelter to cover expenses related to charitable contributions
donations, if such costs are charged by third parties by default and them it is impossible to avoid (for example, commissions of payment systems for acquiring, bank commissions, etc.).

4.10 In case of non-implementation of the project or if there are leftovers, the Benefactor gives consent to that the amount of the donation is non-refundable and is used by the Shelter strict compliance with the legislation of Ukraine and only within its statutory framework activity.

5. Rights and obligations of the Parties

5.1. The shelter undertakes to use the funds of the Benefactor's charitable donation in strict accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and only within its statutory framework activity.

5.2. the shelter has the right to independently determine the directions for the use of charity donations in accordance with its statutory activity and the legislation of Ukraine, with the exception of cases when the Benefactor has determined the specific purpose of his donation on a separate basis agreement with the Asylum. Thus, if the specific purpose of the charitable donation the Benefactor is not specified, it is considered that the donation was made for the purpose of the Shelter statutory activity.

5.3. The benefactor agrees that in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Charitable activities and charitable organizations" The shelter can use part of the funds, received from Benefactors, to finance their administrative expenses. Size costs for maintaining administrative costs cannot exceed 20% of it budget in the current year.

5.4. The benefactor has the right to receive information about the use of his charity donations For this purpose, the Shelter posts monthly financial reports on the Site, which are in the volume including information on (i) the amounts of donations received by the Shelter during the reporting period period, and (ii) expenses of the Asylum during the reporting period. At the benefactor's request the shelter can also confirm the intended use of the charitable donation additional documents.

5.5. By making a charitable donation, the Benefactor unconditionally affirms (and) his legal capacity, (ii) voluntariness of entering into the deed, (iii) that the subject of charity donation is not subject to prohibition, seizure, is not in lien, is not encumbered by any other rights of third parties and was not acquired in violation of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine No. 361-IX "On prevention and countermeasures against legalization (laundering) of income, proceeds of crime, terrorist financing and financing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction". If the Shelter has reasonable doubts about these statements, the Shelter has the right to ask, and the Benefactor undertakes to provide, appropriate corroborating evidence of these statements.

6. Final provisions

6.1. By accepting the Offer, the Benefactor gives the Shelter consent to processing personal data disclosed by the Benefactor when making a donation donations, in order to fulfill the terms of the Agreement. Such personal data may include: name, surname and patronymic, address, place of residence, e-mail address, phone number and (when transferring funds to a current account Shelter through bank institutions) bank details. Allowed types of processing personal data include their collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, renewal, use and distribution (distribution, implementation, transfer), depersonalization and destruction. The shelter undertakes not to disclose the Benefactor's personal data to third parties without the Benefactor's permission except when such disclosure is required by governmental authorities or others as required by the legislation of Ukraine. The benefactor confirms that he was notified of the rights established by the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal data". The scope of rights of the Benefactor as a subject of personal data in accordance with The Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data" is known and understood by him.

6.2. The benefactor gives consent that his contact information may be used by the Shelter to send letters and messages to the Benefactor, in the volume including electronic ones. At the same time, the Shelter undertakes not to provide information about Benefactor's contact details to third parties, except in cases expressly provided for legislation of Ukraine.

6.3. In case of disputes between the parties to this Agreement, they have to be resolved through negotiations. If a negotiated solution is not possible, disputes are considered by courts in the manner established by law. Charitable organization "CSA Gostomel Animal Shelter"

Ukraine, 08290, Kyiv region, Irpin city, Gostomel urban-type settlement, St. Sviato-Pokrovska, building 213

Non-profit organization according to decision No. 2110314600038 dated 04/21/2021
Email address for coordination of possible requests:
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