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How to become temporary guardian

If you want to help the shelter but cannot adopt a cat/dog - become its guardian and give the four-pawed animal warmth and care.

What does a guardian do?

- Distributes information about the animal and takes part in placing the animal into a new family

- Comes at least once a week to visit and socialize the animal

- Helps and takes part in medical treatment if necessary

- Helps financially to support his friend by donating approximately 1500-2000 uah per month = 1 cat or dog (including two meals a day, utilities, our work with the animal)

How to choose a friend?

Very easy! Come visit us and we will give you a tour. You will get to see everyone and we will be able to choose an animal for you to be a guardian of.


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Your support and assistance to the shelter is very important

Everyone can become a part of our projects, help financially or choose a friend

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