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A shelter that breaks stereotypes

About us

Established in 2000 on the site of an abandoned cowshed, the shelter is currently home to more than 700 animals. Until 2021 the shelter was under the Kyiv Society of Animals Protection and now is functioning as a legally independent organization - Gostomel Animal Shelter.

Animals in the shelter are victims of human indifference and very often cruelty. The city of three million people renounced them, threw them away as waste and did not want to atone its sin. Care for them fell on the shoulders of one family, which at one time even had to pledge their apartment in order to buy premises in time.  


Everything here is simple,  without luxuries. The old premises of the shelter need constant repairs. We often have to patch cracks in walls, patch wire mesh in enclosures, repair and build new air cages, furnaces in cat rooms, build new quarantine rooms and so on - there is no end in sight to this small but costly construction. 


The idea of a shelter in practice refutes the rumors about the danger of homeless animals which are manipulated by the authorities through the mass media. Those dogs that are allowed to live outside the enclosures are absolutely non-aggressive, moreover, they are extremely friendly. Anyone who visits the shelter with good intentions and generous gifts can see for themselves. The calm nature of animals is also determined by a biological factor - neutering.   

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Our mission is to provide socialization for our animals and then to find them new homes with families

It is not the number of animals in the shelter that is an indicator of success, instead it is the number of animals that have found new homes

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