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Adoption rules

All animals are given to future owners only

All animals are given as friends and companions for family life

All animals are given under the terms of the Agreement

Mandatory neutering/castration by age

For cats: the presence of nets on windows (anti-cat)

If you have other animals at home they must be vaccinated and neutered

❗ Animals are not given as gifts, toys, to relatives or friends

❗ Animals are not given to manufacturing facilities, to be put on a chain, security or for hunting

❗ Animals are not given to persons younger than 21 years and older than 65-70 y.o

Previous Guardian (Shelter) has the right:

Carry out periodical control over the life conditions of the Animal/s

In the case of discovery of animal abuse by the New Guardian/Owner or members of his/her family, contact the law enforcement authorities to resolve this issue and demand immediate return of the Animal/s

Demand the return of the Animal/s within 24 hours from the moment of the presented claim in the case of non-fulfilment or improper fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement by the New Guardian/Owner

The New Guardian/Owner must comply with its obligations under the Agreement

How to take an animal?

1. Interview with the curator of the animal

2. Personal acquaintance with the tail

3. Prepare the home for the arrival of a new family member (we will happily consult you what is needed)

4. Sign the Agreement with us

5. Transportation to the new house (preferably by car)

6. Make QR-passport for the animal/s

7. Stay in touch with us within the first month and if desired afterwards

Important! If for some reason you can no longer take care of the animal - return it back to the shelter. Throwing it onto the street or handing it over to third parties is not considered.


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Your support and assistance to the shelter is very important

Everyone can become a part of our projects, help financially or choose a friend

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