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Report for April, 2023

We express our gratitude to the ifaw organization and Nova Ukraine in the person of Kseniya Bereznaya for the new enclosures for our shelter 🧡

This is an incredible upgrade that we have been planning for a long time and thanks to you, our dreams have finally come true!

We were sincerely glad to see our guests - Olympic champion Oleg Verniayev and Oleksandra Malinovska - and give them a tour of the shelter 🥰

We thank Syngenta and the VseRoste online store for donating part of the profits from the sale of plant protection products to rebuild dog enclosures!

We would like to express our gratitude to Happy Paw and the guardians of our cats and dogs for the food - 4 packages of food (48 kg) for cats and minced meat (500 kg) for dogs 🧡

Thanks to our partners UAnimals, we managed to operate on as many as 521 animals in Berdychiv, Gostomel, Kaniv and Boyarka 🐶🐱


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Your support and assistance to the shelter is very important

Everyone can become a part of our projects, help financially or choose a friend

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