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Report for May, 2023

- HappyPaw and Alight charitable foundations purchased 300 doses of Duramun vaccine for dogs and 100 doses of Felocel for cats 🧡

- Nova Ukraine, represented by Kseniya Bereznaya, provided sterilization of 214 animals in May in the settlements of Gostomel (52 animals), Yagotyn (112 animals), and Staiki (50 animals).

- We organized PetsDay in the Soul Cafe in Kyiv. We introduced the city residents to the shelter's tails, talked about the importance of supporting animals and found families for 4 puppies.

- We took part in the Thai Charity Market, organized by Thai Hello and UAnimals. At this event, 11 shelter puppies found their new families.

- Signed a memorandum with Gostomel community, which stipulates that the Gostomel animal shelter will be engaged in sterilization, vaccination and chipping of all stray animals within the Gostomel district.

- Together with Pet's Soul, we raised 68 524.42 UAH for the restoration of three enclosures.


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Your support and assistance to the shelter is very important

Everyone can become a part of our projects, help financially or choose a friend

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