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130 animals were sterilized

🙌 In two days (July 14 and 15)

we sterilized 130 animals! All of them were from Gostomel, Irpen, Buchi and nearby areas.

First of all, we wanted to thank and uwanimalsrelieffund, and especially veterinarian Kim. She is an incredible doctor who accompanied all operations, despite the fact that she is already 71 years old. She was on her feet every day from morning to night and worked with a large team of surgeons. A true professional, thank you very much!!

🐾All 130 animals were castrated/sterilized, as well as vaccinated against rabies and comprehensive vaccination. Each tail was microchipped and received its own passport.

These are small, but very important steps in solving the global problem of homeless animals in Ukraine, and in our case, the Kyiv region.


Без имПВІени-1.jpg

Your support and assistance to the shelter is very important

Everyone can become a part of our projects, help financially or choose a friend

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